Product - Energy

Energy Division

Services – Radiation Protection 

          In co ordination with BERTHOLD Technologies we provide Services  to customers in Radiometric measurements and contact-free measuring solutions for online monitoring of critical industrial processes which includes the following.

                 1. Radiation Protection Safety Training
                 2. Wipe Test and Dose rate  determination
                 3. Functionality check of Instruments such as current output, other parameters.
                 4. Dose measurement as per IAEA, FANR standards and GGC  Environmental institutional regulations
                 5. Labeling  work as IATA dangerous goods transport classification
                 6. Documentation work for Nucleonic source import  as per government  authorities and environmental institutional regulation
                 7. Installation & Commissioning of Nucleonic Instruments, Dismantling of Nucleonic sources and
                 8. Instruments from the process plant and nucleonic sources return back to the manufacturers 

Engineering Services  - Oil & Gas

          We have the expertise and experience to execute projects from conceptual stage through basic engineering, detail engineering procurement, inspection,  construction, supervision and commissioning  with specific emphasis on Oil & gas , Onshore & Off shore  platforms, Petrochemical, process Industry, Water & Waste Water Industry.

                 1. Feasibility Studies
                 2. Basic Engineering,
                 3. Front End Engineering Design ( FEED)
                 4. Procurement support services,
                 5. Commissioning of field instruments
                 6. SIL study / Verification / Validation
                 7. Distributed Control System ( DCS)
                 8. PLC and SCADA based system
                 9. Cathodic Protection System for Oil & Gas, Water pipelines
                10.Software & Hardware design and Maintenance