Water and Waste Water

Water Division

Our  Water division specializes in leakage detection,  customer side leakage, repair and maintenance services. All of our services are supported  by in-depth knowledge and experience of water distribution and sewerage systems.

Leakage Detection 

Leakage Management  is a fundamental component of our Clean Water business activity. Semco Tech have been assisting water companies in reducing leakage losses for many years. Our Leakage Detection service offering includes:                     

                         1. District Metered Area (DMA) Validation
                         2. Leakage Detection
                         3. Pressure Management
                         4. Flow & Pressure Logging
                         5. Customer Side Leakage
                         6. Industrial Consumption  Analysis
                         7. Meter Logging & Reading
                         8. Permalog Deployment & Monitoring
                         9. Trunk Main Leakage Detection
                        10. Repair & Maintenance Gang Assistance
                        11. Training in Clean Water Distribution Operations
                        12. Competency Assessments

Repair & Maintenance

Our company employees have extensive knowledge and experience in the management of Repair & Maintenance operations, providing a range of support activities to our clients including:

                        1. Repair & Maintenance, Main Laying & Service Installation Project Management
                        2. Reinstatement Project Management
                        3. New Main Chlorination & Pressure Testing
                        4. Gang Assistance on Site
                        5. Enabling
                        6. New Meter Installation Auditing
                        7. On-Site Auditing         

Semco Tech engineering teams have experience of repair and maintenance activities, which places them in a strong position to provide the professional and technical support that our clients require.

All our engineers are fully qualified in their field of work and undergo regular training and certification updates,  in order to comply with the latest health and safety regulations.

Waste Water Division

Sewer Monitoring

We specialize in undertaking sewer monitoring surveys and are recognised experts in integrated data collection studies. These combine elements of monitoring the sewerage system and the natural receiving waters of catchments for Urban Pollution Management studies.

                       1. Flow and load surveys
                       2. Short and long-term sewer flow monitoring surveys
                       3. Urban Pollution Management surveys
                       4. FR0466 litter surveys
                       5. Long-term and permanent network monitoring
                       6. Rainfall monitoring
                       7. Sewer billing network monitoring
                       8. Sewer monitoring, installation, commissioning and maintenance

Water Quality

For many years Semco Tech has played a leading role in the ongoing development of data collection for Urban Pollution Management systems. We provide our clients with an essential range of water quality services for wastewater networks.
                       1. Water quality sampling and online monitoring
                       2. Hydrological studies
                       3. Event notification  systems
                       4. Time of travel studies
                       5. Stream flow gauging
                       6. Rainfall gauging

Data Management

Our in-house team of experienced  Data Analysts undertakes a range of data management  services ensuring that our clients receive their data reports in the appropriate format and in a timely manner. Whilst delivering high quality and accurate data we can interface the outputs directly onto our clients’ data management suites.
We run a variety of industry-leading data management and presentation tools including our Remote Data Management site that allows us to report on the data as well as forward alarms and event information of individual sites via e-mail or SMS.
CCTV and Drainage form an integral part of our overall water services offering to clients. In the case of drainage problems within a client’s water and sewerage network, we will send out a rapid response team to investigate  and resolve problems  such as blockages caused by intrusive tree roots or collapsed pipelines.
We provide a comprehensive range of CCTV and Drainage surveys and services  to water & waste water companies , Municipalities, etc..
                     1. CCTV pipe inspections - wide range, 100-1600mm  diameter
                     2. Detailed condition surveys of pipelines
                     3. Manhole / drainage surveys & investigations
                     4. GIS technology data production & mapping
                     5. Flotation and pan & tilt camera equipment available
                     6. Off road work / portable capability
                     7. Impermeable area surveys
                     8. Combined  Sewer Overflows (CSO) and pumping  station surveys in association with other divisions
                     9. Contaminated surface water outfall studies
                   10. Jet cleaning  of pipelines
                   11. Pipeline routing
                   12. Pollution surveys

Our Commitment to Health, Safety and Quality

We pride ourselves on the high standards in health, safety, environmental and quality that each of our clients has grown to expect from Semco Tech. All our field personnel are qualified to perform CCTV inspections of sewer conditions in compliance with recognized international standards.
We ensure that our site employees undergo regular training to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary skills and are able to use the latest technologies and tools.